Why do We Need StayWell?

As the workforce ages, and replacements become harder to find, an accent on farmer wellness is very timely for farmers their industry, their community and our country.

We need to encourage discussion around health and safety without being threatening, and offer direction for backup if required.

We need these people to stay healthy and involved in the biggest export industry we have. Support is needed to use their time, health and knowledge wisely for the good of us all. We as a country can’t afford to lose their vast knowledge and insights, quite apart from considerations of their quality of life as individuals.

In many situations, men in the rural community expect to have their physical health intact, despite lack of sleep, diet inappropriate for their physical activity, and regardless of the mental pressure it puts on themselves and their partners and families. If monetary pressure is also a concern, with high debt levels and poor weather for grass growth, the situation can quickly spiral out of control with tragic results, or avoidable accidents.

What is the use of a profitable business if the people who built it and work in it are not alive and well?

Farming is a unique intertwining of a 7-days-a-week business, family, dwelling and farm demands of seasonality and land heritage.

BUT the most important animal on any farm is the farmer!

Stay Well Checks aims to support rural people to recognise the signs and get help.