2019 report

It has been another positive year for Stay Well, attending 23 events from

Northland to Southland, and connecting with a wide variety of people along

the way.

We have been at events run by SMASH, Beef and Lamb, and at A and P Shows

beside Rural Support, as well as on the Rabobank stands.

In December we were asked to be at an AgProud event in Invercargill. This new

group of Southland farmers are aiming to cross the rural/urban divide with fun

family events where people can meet informally and share fun, food and talk

about their thoughts and dreams for their families and environment. We had a

successful evening, and will attend again where appropriate.

We find the power of our one on one checks is valuable in a huge variety of

ways, opening conversations and offering direction, connection and

information wherever we can. Our written material from the Heart

Foundation, and the Drug and Alcohol Advisory Service is often taken away to

read, and business cards for 1737 service, the depression website, and Rural

Support are also useful tools to share.

There is much concern around compliance in the rural sector, the cost of

complying with the rules, and the changing goal posts and directives coming

from Government. This has put a lot of stress on individuals, families and their

farming businesses. Coping mechanisms vary hugely due to personalities, and

family dynamics. Our aim is to present options for change to reduce stress

levels wherever possible, and suggest connections which may be useful.

The support we have received from Rabobank has given us the financial means

to maintain our service, and their people on the ground have been

outstanding, encouraging farmers to get their checks and making it very simple

for us to be part of their stands at several events. Thank you very much to all

the Rabobank team.

My team of checkers around the country offer ongoing support, and give freely

of their time and interest, for which I am very grateful. So often they go above

and beyond what is expected, which always adds to what we offer. We are

always glad to welcome others who are able and willing to help. Checker

Training will happen in Waikato and Northland next year, offering informative

speakers, and an opportunity to say thank you for all the effort they make.

The Trustees have formed a strong backbone to the Trust, and their openness,

skills and willingness to make the important discussions to keep us going the

right direction is very valuable. Meredith continues to keep track of our

paperwork and accounts, and special thanks should go to her.

I look forward to 2020 taking us out into rural communities, and helping

people think about their health in positive ways.

Thank you to every one involved.

Joyce Brown

Project Leader