10 Happy Thoughts

10 Tips to help you cope in times of crisis:

1: Talk it out – a problem shared is a problem halved. Talk to a friend, family member, your minister or a counsellor.

2: Write it down – get your most intimate feelings off your chest.

3: Get physical – spring clean, go for a walk, hit or kick a ball.

4: Blow it away – take a big breath in. As you exhale, relax and imagine your worries flowing away with your breath.

5: Surprise yourself – be creative and do the opposite of what you’d normally do.

6: Get on with it – allow yourself only 30 minutes a day to worry.

7: Get it in perspective – how much will the issue matter in six months time? How about two years time, or a decade from now?

8: See the positive – What good consequences could come from it?

9. Think it through – make a list of possible actions. Make a decision and act on it.

10. Make an escape – get away for a few hours or days.

Free extra!: See the funny side – never take yourself or life too seriously.